Tcice Programs

For 10 and Aptitude Development ( Class 6 to 8 )

One Year Foundation  Program 

Two Years Class Room Program These  programs focus on enhancing the ogical, Thinking. IQ Mental Ability, Science and Mathematics of the students at a level required for National Level Scholastic Exam like National Talent Search Exams ( NTSE ) for Class X . These program will simultaneously build strong foundation for International Level Olympiads in Mathematics and Junior Science { National and Regional Level stages of National Standard Examination in Junior Science( NSEJS ) & Regional Mathematics Olympiads ( RMO ).


For Engineering Entrance Exams

(Students going to Class 9, 10, 11, 12 in 2018)

These are result of TCIC Eexperience and expertise over 20 years.  They are designed with only one FOCUS,i.e., Engineering in mind and are sure to take you to your Dream.

      OneYearClassRoom Program for IIT / JEE 2018

      Two Years Class Room Program for IIT / JEE 2019

     Three Years Class Room Program for IIT / JEE 2020

      Four Years Class Room Program for IIT / JEE 2021